Editable Grids in Dynamics 365 and how to enable new feature.

Editable grids used to be a big issue in previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In the past we used to use third part Add Ons to cater customer needs. There are many different third part Add Ons available in the market however I have used following two;

Finally Microsoft added Editable Grids, one of the most highly requested features in Microsoft Dynamics 365, provide rich inline editing in main grids and sub-grids so you can update the information you need with fewer clicks.

The Editable Grids control is available for both Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics CRM On-Premises and support most of the functionality provided by standard grids, which includes

  • In-grid editing of records at the entity or sub-grid level
  • Standard navigation using a keyboard or mouse
  • Grouping and Sorting (by any column on current view)
  • Web Phone and Tablet clients
  • Filtering and Pagination
  • Moving and resizing columns
  • Lookup configuration
  • Calculated Fields and Roll-up Fields
  • Business Rules
  • Hierarchical view
  • Work with CRM security model i.e. enabling or disabling of cells based on security roles
  • Editable Grid respect read-only grid metadata and configurations
  • Editable Grid supports all data types.
  • Support JavaScript events for home grid and sub-grids (OnRecordSelect,OnSave,OnChange)
  • Support most of entity level Business Rules (Show error message,Set field value,Set business required,Set default value,Lock or unlock field)

How to Enable Editable Grids in Dynamics 365

Navigate to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System


Click on the entity for which you want to enable editable grid. Then click the Controls tab, and then click Add Controls to display the Add Control dialog.


Now select Editable Grid from the list and click on Add


Editable Grid Control added defaulted to read only on Web, Phone and Tablet


Select Editable Grid  for the platform of your choice. Click Save and Publish.

Click Events to add JScript event on grid.


Job Done!!!

Sub Grids can be configured to be Editable including Events;


Grouping and Sorting can be performed based the visible fields on the view;



Switch between Read Only and Editable Grid using SHOW AS command;


Hope this helps!!! Happy Blogging!!!